Managed Backup Solutions

Why Choose Our Backup Solutions

Managed Backups

Data loss can be catastrophic to your business and usually comes at the worst possible time.

Protect your business and your data with our cloud-based managed backup service built on Veeam’s award winning platform and hosted on Hyperformance storage which is not only incredibly fast, it also actively monitors and verifies your backups.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

 Disasters can strike with no warning. In the past a fully-fledge disaster recovery solution required a significant investment but now you can protect your business with an efficient and cost-effective image-based VM replication solution built on Veeam’s enterprise grade award-winning platform.

Partnering with Probax, Western Australia’s award-winning provider of data protection solutions and services we utilise Veeam BaaS platform which offers the following enterprise-grade features:

Rapid Recovery

Rapidly recover any data type, be it file, database or virtual machine whenever you need to.

Verified Recoverability

Rest assured that you can recover any file, application, or virtual server, every time.

Superior Security 

Data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit ensuring the sanctity and integrity of your backups.

Full Automation 

The process is fully automated which mitigates the risks of human error and local backup storage device failure.

Enhanced Flexibility 

You have the freedom to implement any backup retention policy from real-time incremental to grandfather-father-son backups.

How Does It Work ?


Single platform that integrates with multiple backup & availability vendors, giving you a single-pane-of-glass view of all your backup jobs. Manage, monitor, verify and recover files and folders direct from a centralised portal.



Pooled cloud storage & no hidden fees for data operations or retrieval. Iintelligent automation frees the time of your techs for more critical tasks, increasing efficiencies of scale across your business.



Data stored in segregated storage tubs on highly-available storage clusters in your location of choice. The extensive redundancy & resiliency measures across our many geographic locations ensures your clients’ data is safe.

Veeam Integration

Our Veeam Cloud Connect backup solution is built to help you achieve Hyper-Availability for ALL your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, and you can manage the recovery and replication of all your applications and data through a single console.

Who Would Benefit From Hosted Backup Solutions

  • Rapidly Growing Businesses
  • Consultancy Based Service Professionals
  • Busy Medical Practices
  • Primary and Secondary Schools