Complete Solution for Data Loss Scenarios

Managed Backups

Data loss can be catastrophic to your business and usually comes at the worst possible time.

Protect your business and your data with our cloud-based managed backup service built on Veeam’s award winning platform and hosted on Hyperformance storage which is not only incredibly fast, it also actively monitors and verifies your backups.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disasters can strike with no warning. In the past a fully-fledge disaster recovery solution required a significant investment but now you can protect your business with an efficient and cost-effective image-based VM replication solution built on Veeam’s enterprise grade award-winning platform.

Partnering with Probax, Western Australia’s award-winning provider of data protection solutions and services we utilise Veeam BaaS platform which offers the following enterprise-grade features:

  • Rapid Recovery

    Rapidly recover any data type, be it file, database or virtual machine whenever you need to.

  • Verified Recoverability

    Rest assured that you can recover any file, application, or virtual server, every time.

  • Superior Security

    Data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit ensuring the sanctity and integrity of your backups.

  • Full Automation

    The process is fully automated which mitigates the risks of human error and local backup storage device failure.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

    You have the freedom to implement any backup retention policy from real-time incremental to grandfather-father-son backups.


Single platform that integrates with multiple backup & availability vendors, giving you a single-pane-of-glass view of all your backup jobs. Manage, monitor, verify and recover files and folders direct from a centralised portal.


Data stored in segregated storage tubs on highly-available storage clusters in your location of choice. The extensive redundancy & resiliency measures across our many geographic locations ensures your clients’ data is safe.


Pooled cloud storage & no hidden fees for data operations or retrieval. Iintelligent automation frees the time of your techs for more critical tasks, increasing efficiencies of scale across your business.

Veeam Integration

Our Veeam Cloud Connect backup solution is built to help you achieve Hyper-Availability for ALL your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, and you can manage the recovery and replication of all your applications and data through a single console.

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Storage Devices Supported for Recovery:

Veeam’s cloud backup solution created for Hyper-Availability is based on the fundamental data protection principles of security, integrity and simplicity.

Veeam’s Backup and Replication solution offers a host of business benefits which include:

  • Cybersecurity

    When you contract with any reputable cloud storage provider (and there are a number of good options) encryption comes standard. That means even if the cloud provider’s own servers are compromised your data is safe and will be useless to any unauthorized users that attempt to read it.

  • Physical Protection

    Not every threat to data originates online. Fires, floods, earthquakes, onsite thefts, and other physical harm can also befall your equipment. Cloud data centers are built to a standard that virtually no small business can match, including buildings designed to withstand category 5 hurricanes, halon fire suppression systems, and even armed guards to deter intruders.

  • Accessibility

    Your backups are only as good as your access to them. If something prevents you from entering your own facilities where onsite backups are stored, you’ll be unable to initiate a recovery program. Cloud backups, by contrast, are available 24/7/365 from literally anywhere you can get an internet connection.

  • Business Continuity

    Disruptions and slowdowns cost small businesses loss revenue and damage to their reputations. The faster you can recover from a data disaster, the lower the resulting harm will be. Cloud backups ensure that even if onsite backups fail, your business can get back up and running rapidly. So quickly, at times, the end users and customers never even realize anything happened.

  • Scalability

    Running out of space on your onsite drives? Adding more storage can be a costly, and more importantly, lengthy process. But not for cloud-based systems. In fact, some are designed to automatically scale to fit your needs, and because cloud data is stored in massive server farms, you can grow as big as you need to without a problem.

  • Cost Efficiency

    An added benefit to the inherent scalability of cloud backups and storage is that you only pay for what you use. If you build out an inhouse server that overshoots your actual requirements, that is simply wasted money. With cloud storage, you pay a predictable recurring amount that is tied directly to your usage.

  • We can support the recovery of up to 16 TB hard disk drives

Veeam Backup powered by Probax

With over 10 years of delivering backup solutions, Probax is one of Veeam’s most experienced and trusted Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Probax’s integration with Veeam technology makes data management and protection simple, automated and secure. Probax is at the forefront of innovation using Veeam technology, having been awarded the inaugural global innovation award by Veeam in 2018.

Probax has highly available and redundant backup and disaster recovery infrastructure in six secure Tier III+ Data Centres globally – for always on and reliable connectivity when you need it.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Benefits

You no longer need a massive IT budget to protect your business with an enterprise grade Disaster Recovery solution. Replicate your on-premise systems to a secure data centre utilising Veeam Availability Suite, an efficient image-based VM replication solution. For a low monthly cost your business could be protected with enterprise benefits such as:

  • Dedicated Hosting – Each customer gets a dedicated cloud host which is on permanent standby should you ever need to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Rapid Failover – Failover your full site or perform a partial failover from anywhere simply and efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • Seamless Connectivity – Network extension appliances simplify communication between your on-premise environment and your cloud DR site.
  • Enterprise Automation – When time is of the essence you can rapidly execute your DR plan with 1-click failover orchestration for quick execution.
  • Enhanced Security – All data is encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity with single-port connectivity via a secure, reliable TLS/SSL connection.


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