IT Support for Schools

One of the segments of IT in which Conneqt IT focuses efforts on for 18+ years is education. Conneqt IT has developed IT Support for Schools service packages catered towards the schooling sector of Australia.

In order to make sure that students can use technology to enhance their learning without it causing havoc, it’s important to have a strong and efficient information technology infrastructure in place.

Even on a day to day basis, there is so much that can derail a lesson or lecture — from a crashing web browser, to the inability to load resources, to slow Wi-Fi connection preventing an educational video from loading.

Why Choose Our IT Support for Schools?

Implementing a managed IT service means that the infrastructure can be remotely monitored and managed, with updates deployed when they’re needed, so that there is no need to worry about lessons being disrupted. Schools must implement a solid infrastructure before they move onto integrating more complicated IT services and solutions into their classrooms.

Conneqt IT makes an effort in working with vendors and organisations such as CEWA, DET and ASC, to keep up to date with specific technologies which can help enhance the learning of students and facilitate teachers in their lessons. In this manner we can help keep you informed and suggest technologies which may help your school save money, improve your facilities or help make processes more efficient.

The challenging budget cycles faced by many educational institutions and education service providers often make it difficult to innovate and grow. At Conneqt IT, our IT support services for schools and education are uniquely positioned to dramatically reduce operational overheads while improving efficiencies through working with existing IT teams.


How Do We Do IT ?

 IT Infrastructure Support to enable teachers to deliver curriculum in the most effective manner


An IT strategy to align with the direction and strategy of your school

Promptly solving IT issues across a single or Multiple campus’

Who Would Benifit From Managed School IT Support

  • TAFE’s, College’s & Universities 
  • Independent Schools
  • Public/Private Primary Schools
  • Public/Private Secondary Schools