A vCIO, also known as a Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a consultant, a third-party, or business that offers a service (part-time person) to fulfill the role as a conventional CIO.

This service helps businesses that can’t afford the salary and benefits for a full time executive.

A vCIO usually works remotely and provides support in developing a technology roadmap, review and maintenance of IT infrastructure, vendor management, new technology recommendations, etc. cost of all, a vCIO provides IT expertise and leadership.

A vCIO can be a competitive advantage of SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) to support growth.

Advantages of having a vCIO as part of your organization: 

Dedicated Technology Liaison for Your Company

A quality vCIO should be able to provide sole focus on your business as a reliable point of contact for technological expertise.

A staggering 71% of businesses have orphaned subscriptions, each having three on average. If you have orphaned solutions, then you’re effectively carrying dead weight in your organization

Though virtual in name, the relationship between the decision maker and the vCIO should be strong, productive, and personal.

Technical Reporting for the Client

As part of the vCIO’s close relationship with the client, you should be expecting periodic meetings between yourself and the vCIO in order to assess, reflect, and take action on the changing goals of your organization.

These reports mean you are able to assess a number of areas important to you:

  • Compliance needs
  • Near- and long-term IT projects and expenses
  • Support metrics and satisfaction scores
  • Completed and in-flight projects
  • Relationship health and partnership alignment
  • The vCIO is the bridge between your business and the technology teams powering your digital transformation.

Defines IT Objectives and Plans the Technology Roadmap

This is an essential part of what makes a vCIO an integral part of your business’ digital transformation moving forward.

The consultation provided by the vCIO determines the direction and prospective implementations for your organization long-term.

The vCIO should be able to answer questions about your technology suite involving issues such as:

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Cybersecurity training

They are able to recommend and maintain vendor relationships for your productivity and line-of-business application suites and verify compatibility between vendors and your existing or planned IT infrastructure.


The Cost Factor

Let’s not forget one of the most important considerations decision makers are making in their digital transformations: money.

89% of companies expect to grow or maintain their IT budgets this year.

Working with Conneqt IT is a comparatively cost-effective way of hiring an IT team to keep your tech infrastructure running smoothly.

Employing a full-time salaried on-site CIO can be expensive for small businesses.

For SMB owners who may not have the funds to directly hire IT staff, they can instead partner with Conneqt IT who will provide a vCIO—in addition to a host of support staff and engineers.

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